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At the beginning of 2013, the AMPATH Informatics wiki was restructured to create more meaningful organization of the content. Please read below for an explanation of how to use and build on the wiki space moving forward.


  1. Informatics: All Informatics wiki pages should be hosted underneath this section. 

    1. Meetings: Logistics and documentation for cross-cutting AMPATH Informatics meetings.

    2. Informatics Team Checklist for Newcomers: Check-lists of introductory information which is important for newcomers to learn.

    3. Informatics Monthly Leadership Update: Required monthly updates submitted by each AMPTH IT team.

    4. AMPATH Informatics Strategic Plan: Strategic plans create to guide the future of Ampath's Informatics team.

    5. AMPATH Technical Road Map: Technical planning for Ampath's AMRS system.

    6. Informatics Project Management: Resources for the organization and implementation of Project Management at AMPATH.

    7. Informatics Projects: Documentation on AMPATH's Informatics projects.

    8. Modules: Documentation on modules used and/or developed for AMRS.

    9. AMPATH IT Teams: Individual team sections with content specific to the operations of each Ampath IT team.

      1. Forms and Concepts Team
      2. Developer Team
      3. IT Operations Team
      4. Infrastructure & Network Team
    10. Innovation Ideas: Documentation on suggestions for improving AMRS.


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