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What is this page about

This page is intended to put down innovative ideas that may help to improve informatics at ampath.  Anyone is welcome to put down his/her ideas here. The ideas need not necessarily be to be implemented.  Anything that is worth giving a thought in terms of what can improve informatics to serve Ampath better is really welcome.  This segment is divided into Topics that can be addressed, for example


The objectives of this page are:

  1. To present contributions in terms of ideas that one feels ought to be implemented or worth consideration to improve service delivery of informatics at Ampath.
  2. To document ideas that may be present amongst members as a reference point whenever new ideas are needed.
  3. To provide a forum that will make members mould ideas through documented contributions from ideas/concepts to actualisation.
Who can contribute?

All are welcome to contribute ideas, for as long as etiquette is maintained.

How is the section arranged?

  The Section is broadly divided into Data, infrastructure,software, system administration and forms for now.  Ideas can be presented under these sections.  The sections form the current structure of Ampath informatics. 

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