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  1. Each project needs to have a space in which links to information related to the project will be hosted. Please see the following example

  2. Creating a parent page that will host child of child pages with information about the project is key here . This page will host all routine documents i.e. Meetings, trainings, technical staff i.e. modules and versions, specifications for roll out, Reports........ This parent page will have an introduction, purpose and individuals involved or project team members. A good example is one done by Ada, please see

  3. Naming the wiki pages is also vital and the following link under the topic wiki page file naming conventions will help institute some guidelines on how to name wiki parent and child pages

  4. When you have documents to be created on the wiki that are updated on a routine basis, it is better to create a template so that it will help standardize your documentation. . We already have existing templates i.e. for meetings, SOPs, product requirements, project plans and different issues you would need to create on the wiki. So it is vital to confirm before creating one. 

  5. To access a created template you just need to navigate to the wiki page that you need to create a new document for, select create, under the dialog box that appears, click on the drop down just besides select space, you will access several existing templates to help you build what you need for that page. This will also include a template that you might have designed under your space.
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