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Present:  lagat, Florida, Mary, Rotich, ismael, Ruth, Robai, kipsang.

Absent: Eric (on leave until end of this month).

Previous Minutes:

  • Lagat had updated reports on Wiki.
  • Lagat had created column on implementation status on the Wiki on sites to document when standalone was uploaded.
  • Antivirus updated every time DA visit site and/or any time flash disk is sent to site.


  • Win to create wiki account for Rotich
  • Any report to be posted on wiki.


  • Reports for western region shows printing is very low
  • Questions were raised as to why printing is down.
  • Joshua is in Khuyangu dealing with the issue of printing rate in Western


  • Still on rotational Florida is doing next week


  • Lagat created column for site visits.
  • Also column for when antivirus was updated was also done.


  • Lagat requested for use of Linux software so as to reduce Virus attack.
  • Win saw it as good idea but worried of training concerns by staff since few have used it.
  • Yaw recommended two sites (on Phases).
  • Dr Were recommended that we maintain our current protocol.
  • Antivirus to be updated every time we visit site and/or any time flash disk is sent to site.

Remote sites:

  • Each D.A to check remote sites progress and present to Lagat to post it on Wiki.

Data Cleaning:

  • D.Q are experiencing several changes on drugs but not as many as expected.
  • When problems are encountered in data cleaning they are supposed to inform the group.
  • Ishmael to forward a list of drugs for correction to Win.
  • D.Q still getting Lab tests being put on SS and not in encounter forms. Lagat transition takes time and will follow up on the issue.
  • Lagat suggested that it is teamwork with lelei and Shillah and the DSS group.


  • Printers’ issues was raised on whether CO can use printers for TB program for printing since they are in their offices.
  • Dr Were said printers should not be added since they are costly.
  • Using other program’s resources (printers) is not supported.

Last Week’s minutes:

  • Antivirus to be updated every time we visit site and/or any time flash disk is sent to site.
  • Training on western region to be done. Lagat and kipsang to follow up.
  • Lagat to discuss footnote on summary sheet with Ishmael and the group.
  • Lagat to confirm why printing is very low in western region.
  • Win to check on drugs changes.
  • Ishmael to forward patient list ids of drugs for correction to Win.
  • Lagat and Mary to to check on Dr Lagat’s phone since it had issues on refreshing.
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