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CDSS Meeting Minutes 25th Oct 2011


Present: Lagat, Kipsang, Rotich, Ishmael, Florida, Mary, Robai, Ruth.

Absent: Eric (on leave)

Previous minutes:

  • Antivirus updated in all sites


  • All reports to be posted on Wiki by 1st of every month
  • Weekly reports to be posted on our DA folder


  • Titus resumed back from his leave
  • Titus visited sites to follow up the printing progress in western region


  • Rotich visited Kabarnet on Monday and planning to visit Plateau, Kesses and Moi University clinics next week respectively.
  • Florida to visit webuye and Mt. Elgon on Thursday for bi-weekly visits.
  • Lagat will plan to go to Busia to have a meeting with the Data Assistants. It will be a one day trip to and fro.


  • Still on rotational Mary is doing next week


  • Lagat requested for use of Linux software so as to reduce Virus attack.
  • Win saw it as good idea but worried of training concerns by staff since few have used it.
  • Yaw recommended two sites (on Phases).
  • Dr Were recommended that we maintain our current protocol.
  • Antivirus to be updated every time we visit site and/or any time flash disk is sent to site.

Sites Progress:


  • Mary reported that Rhoda’s phone is not working and Lagat promised to check after the meeting.
  • She also asked whether the remainder should appear if the patient has not been on INH. Kipsang replied that it should not appear.


  • She reported that she is getting null reminders.
  • Also some patients, the last seen date on patients reminder is different compared to the last seen footnote date on the summary



  • Reported that there’s no patient reminder on the patient reminder option but on summary we have. This has been a problem reported earlier but is minimal nowadays.


  • Most of the sites have greatly improved since the Co’s are responding to the reminders not only marking the summary sheet.


  • Reported that his sites have also improved.


  • Suggested that they need to go back to western region to retrain the Co’s on the new reminders.
  • The training was scheduled on the 1st week of December to the Western region and the 2nd week on this other region assisted by the DA’s on ground.

Data cleaning:

  • All is fine
  • Ishmael forwarded the list of patients ID to Win.



  • Lagat waiting for Memory Cards for faulty printers.

Things to do:


  • Lagat and Mary to check on Rhoda’s phone.
  • Win to check on Ruth and Robai issues of reminders
  • Kipsang and Lagat to plan to visit the western sites for training
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