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CDSS Meeting Minutes Apr-22-2010

Present: Kenya --  Lelei, Lagat, Mary Wanjiku, Rowin Abuli, Florida Kiplagat, Kipsang, James Kariuki.  USA: Martin Were, I Nyoman Winardi Ribeka
Missing: James Kariuki.

New DAs
Formal introduction of the DAs was done.  Responsibilities outlined, and key goals (below) emphasize as everyone’s major responsibility

Reiteration of Key Goals of Decision Support
1)    Stable implementation at each site i.e. runs when needed
2)    Reliable generation of summaries (both for batch and unscheduled patients)
3)    Ensuring that summaries get to the clinicians consistently
4)    Ensuring clinicians note errors in the summary ‘
5)    Ensuring that clinicians respond to ALL reminders
6)    Ensuring reliable collection of all summaries from all sites
7)    Ensuring that all corrections that need to be made are done
8)    Keeping track of all the above 7 items

Communication & Record Keeping
Wiki remains our main location to document items related to CDSS.  
Lagat now has his Wiki username and can start putting reports in the Wiki.
[ ] Martin to set up report template in the Wiki
[ ] Lagat to upload reports to the Wiki

Updates on Version 3.5
-Standalone installations now working.  There is still a difference is the pregenerated list compared to what Outreach is providing.  Win is working on this – will include all return encounter dates (irrespective of where the data comes from in the encounter forms).
-For Glady’s machine, the download process takes 18-20 minutes, upload process takes 48-55 minutes.   Gladys has signed employee occupation form.   Glady’s machine will be updated every Thursday.
-    [ ] 4 GB Flash drives to be purchased by Martin (8 in total).
-    [ ] Win finishing up re-generation
-    [ ] Thomas will help decide how deal with the UPS.  - James and Thomas BF, Turbo, Mosoriot – 2-3 weeks.

Implementations Schedule


Planned Implementation



Apr 26 - 27, 2010

DA - Eric Obina, Site Secured, Adult Summary v3.5

Burnt Forest

Apr 28 - 30, 2010

DA - Eric Obina, Site Secured, Adult Summary v3.5


May 3 - 7, 2010

DA - Eric Obina, Almost Secured, Adult Summary v3.5


May 10 - 14, 2010

DA - Florida Kiplagat, Secured, Adult Summary v3.5


May 17 - 21, 2010

DA - Rowin Abuli, Secured, Adult Summary v3.5


May 24 - 28, 2010

DA (?), Secured, Adult Summary v3.5


May 24 - 28, 2010

Review of rolled out sites


Jun 7 - 11, 2010


Mt. Elgon

Jun 14 - 18, 2010



Jun 21 - 25, 2010



Jun 21 - 25, 2010



Jun 28 - Jul 2, 2010


MTRH Module 4


Waiting for Peads summary



Lagat & James need to visit sites


[ ] Team in Kenya to work on this timeline

[ ] Need a strong training strategy especially in the first two weeks

[ ] Need a strategy for printing summaries for the remote sites

Quality Issues
- Lelei to ensure that DAs pick up forms
- Lagat to keep track of which forms show up after the scheduled pick-up dates, and communicate these to Lelei
- Lelei suggested that Kipsang arrange a meeting with Clinicians, along with Kimaiyo or Mamlin, to emphasize importance of responding to summaries
- We need real time data quality checks

-    There are questions about quality of current reports and providers responses.

Updates on Peads Summary
In the works, should be available in a couple of weeks

Updates on Adult Summary v3.6
In the works, should be available in about a month or so

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