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January 10, 2012
  • Download process only create zip file with updated summary sheet files. Files that's not modified will not be in zip file. This will potentially reduce the size of data that need to be transferred to remote sites.  It also means that updates to remote sites will have to be done more frequently so as not to miss any new data.
  • Removing the two phrase input on the upload process. This changes will not require any module update in remote sites. If we're not planning to update the module, then everyone simply need to put the same value for both password and passphrase in remote sites.
  • Add the option to download all summary files. This will be used to initialize any new remote sites or for sites that have been down for a while.  For this, Google Chrome will likely have to be used.
  • Data collection update to accommodate Yaw's study.
January 23, 2012
  • Update on the paediatric age issue found by Lagat. The age seems to list the patients age as month, instead of as year and month as before.
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