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The following are the list of changelog of the summary module:

– Need update this as I can't recall all the changes that I made –


Back - ends:

  • New data caching mechanism. Now data are cached in uniform fashion for both Encounter and Obs. The new cache accept all BaseOpenmrsObject which potentially can be used for other caching
  • Streamlined pdf generation process. New caching above give a significant speed improvement to generate summary file
  • New XML structure to anticipate mobile summary system. As per Sam request, all attributes have been changed to a regular tag to reduce the overhead when the XML is processed by Android devices
  • New XSL - XSL-FO templates. To accomodate the changes in the XML structure, the XSL - XSL-FO also need to be updated
  • Rewrite all rules to use the new caching mechanism. This rule might need to be updated when the design of the logic service gets updated in the future
  • Template are now mapped to encounter type

Front - ends:

  • Support for ANC / Green Card summary
  • User can print the summary by template
  • Patient dashboard will be able to generate all type of summary that can be generated for that patient


Backend Stuff:

  • More xml and xsl tweaks
  • Better handling of exceptions during the generation and printing processes
  • Minor update on how the cache talks to the database
  • Fixed bugs on the caching to make us scale better because the patient number is growing rapidly

Frontend Stuff:

  • Summary can now be printed by template in the admin page 
  • Some content tweaks (make flowsheet 3 lines (value, status, and datetime)
  • File naming scheme right now is: <xxxx>_<yy>.pdf (this is on the server side). xxxx is the patient internal id, yy is the template id
  • User will accept the file as: PreGeneratedSummary_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.pdf


  • Created a new search page to search and print summary file. This page will make the available summaries more easy to view and print
  • Partial support of logging
  • All object in the module now follow the standard for OpenMRS object (voidable for data, retirable for metadata)


Backend Stuff

  • Enable the caching system to learn the template and know what to data to cache based on the template
  • Summary that will be generated now depends on how the template are mapped relative to patient encounters
  • Update to enable the satellite site printing

Frontend Stuff

  • Use JQuery UI to make the webpage looks a little more interesting
  • Enable satellite site printing workflow
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