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The purpose of this page is to keep track of Lab data performed in the various Ampath and National(Alupe , CDC Kisumu,...Kitale district hospital)  Laboratories. 


Over the past few years laboratory testing have been decentralized with an aim of moving the testing closer to the point of sample collection.As a result of these,some tests that were initially performed at Ampath reference laboratory are now being performed at facility level.These have necessitated the use of manual data entry into Amrs in some of these regions.Two other National laboratories (Alupe Busia & CDC Kemri Kisumu) that are within or closer to Ampath catchment area have taken up viral load and DNA PCR testing for Ampath patients within those regions using the National EID system.Data from these two labs is being processed into Amrs using the MIRTH appliance.


The following are some of the sites that have decentralized testing.

SITE\CLINIC                              TESTS DECENTRALIZED

KITALE                                       CD4,CBC,VDRL

WEBUYE                                    CD4,CBC,VDRL

BUSIA                                         CD4,VIRAL LOAD,DNA PCR(Viral load & dna pcr performed at Alupe)

CHULAIMBO                               CD4,VIRAL LOAD,DNA PCR,VDRL ( CD4,VIRAL LOAD,DNA PCR Performed at Kemri),GenXpert machine for TB tests

TESO                                         CD4 DONE POINT OF CARE (POC).

ANGURAI                                    CD4 DONE POINT OF CARE (POC).

BUMALA B                                  CD4 DONE POINT OF CARE (POC).

Ampath Care Lab                       CD4,CBC,Viral Load,CBC,DNA PCR

Busia                                          GenXpert machine to perform TB tests

Ampath reference Lab                (TWO)GenXpert and MGIT machine to perform TB tests.

Kapenguria                                 GenXpert for TB tests

Iten                                             GenXpert for TB tests

Uasin Gishu District hospital       GenXpert for TB tests

Kacheliba                                    GenXpert for TB tests


Uasin Gishu District Hospital -    Uasin Gishu County

Burnt Forest Sub District Hospital - Uasin Gishu County
Mois Bridge Health Centre -  Uasin Gishu County
Cherangany Health Centre -  Trans nzoia County
Kapsara District Hospital -   Trans Nzoia Count
Kapsowar Mission Hospital -  Elgeyo Marakwet County


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  1. Cornelius Chege, we will need to order the contents in anew child page as guided by Jonathan Dick below:

    Presentation on lab system focusing on: 

    1. Where are the labs located?
    2. Which tests does each lab produce
    3. How do we receive data from the lab? 
    4. How does it get into AMRS?
    5. Monitoring reports you are using
    6. Current challenges