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StakeholdersMiencha Agustine Wycliff Nyachiro Burke Mamlin Ruth Nyamisa Bosire John Lelei 
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OwnerJeremy Keiper 


The disconnected remote sites have no way of using the data that they have entered, because Remote Form Entry is holding it in a queue to go back to AMRS.  At this time, the data to be returned to remote sites is too big for it to be imported without errors, and it takes a long time if it does succeed.  We also have very few resources for traveling to remote sites on a frequent basis, so they need to operate independently while tracking the changes so we can import them centrally.  The Remote Form Entry module needs to allow processing through the normal means as well as keep an archive of what was entered.

Data Distribution Process at Each Remote Site

  1. Download Remote Form Entry data from server
  2. Turn off Tomcat
  3. Turn off MySQL
  4. Backup server database files to laptop
  5. Transfer database files from laptop to server
  6. Install InnoDB plugin
  7. Start MySQL
  8. Start Tomcat
  9. Upload Remote Form Entry forms to server
  10. Update server to be a Remote Form Entry child and not parent
  11. Update server's global properties as usual (e.g. form entry URL)
  12. Install latest Remote Form Entry module
  13. Create a new patient and test encounter
  14. Check to be sure it was processed locally
  15. Check to be sure the data is also stored in the Remote Form Entry data to be returned to central


  1. This will be a good solution. Hope this can be tested soonest.

  2. I started testing the new remoteformentry module today using the following steps:

    • Set up a  new remote  server
    • uploaded data from central
    • configured the formentry to allow opening of files for data entry
    • Uploaded the new remoteformentry module and it started successfully.
      Next steps tomorrow:
    • Create a new patient and test encounter
    • Check to be sure it was processed locally
    • Check to be sure the data is also stored in the Remote Form Entry data to be returned to central


  3. Testing encounters:

    • Started the Process Form Entry Queue scheduler to allow forms to process at the sites
    • created encounters
    • checked the Remote Form Entry Export queue for forms entered - there was no queue of the forms created
    • checked encounters and no new encounter had been created
    • Checked the formentry queue and everything hard processed
    • checked the formentry archive and confirmed that the forms had processed
    1. Testing remote form-entry module for data-sharing


      • I have downloaded and installed the modified module into server

      • stopped all the tasks in the  manage scheduler

      • Tested data entry

      • Forms entered go into outboundQueue which can be copied into the central server

      • export forms to central   tabs is empty indicating all have been processed.

      • No encounter is created.



  4. Miencha Agustine, to follow up on today's AMPATH Informatics Technical Call on running out of disk space/return remote data is getting too big, did you get stuck from testing the method mentioned above back in November?