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All the AMPATH remote server are now running on version1.6 thanks to all who participated in the upgrade.It took us alot of time to figure out and fix some of the error which include:

Remote server not receiving data from central i.e the server taking more than 24hrs receiving data and nothing being written in the tomcat log:
We realize that mysql was not able to execute the command
[mysql, -e, source C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 6.0/temp/

returnedData1256831381593/generatedReturnData, -f, -uroot, -p123mysql, -Dopenmrs]

The is because the generated data seem to be too big.
To fix this we were force to add the maximum packets that mysql can upload to 512M i.e adding this adding MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET=512M to the file my.ini locate at /bin in mysql home

We also increased mysql memory to 512M.
NB: Our remote server ha s a memory of 2GB

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