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Please include any topics/suggestions which you would like to be included in the mentorship program (please put your name next to three topics which you think are most important so that we can start with those)

  • Concept creation. -Patrick
  • Schema design. -Patrick
  • Creation of tables and relationships-Petronillah, Susan
    • Comment from Ada: What kind of table? For relationship, does it mean person relationship?
    • Comment from Petronillah: How to create a table and relate it to other tables.
    • Comment from Susan: An example is person table, encounter table
    • Comment from Team: Interested in knowing how person relationship records are created and stored.
    • Comment from Ada: Obviously, we misunderstood what this topic means.  It doesn't mean person relationship tables but it refers to how tables related to each other within the Data Model! :)
  • Generation of IDs e.g. encounter type IDs, Form IDs, Concept_name ID, drug IDs
    • Comment from Ada: What does it mean by "Name IDs"?
    • Comment from Susan: This is in relation to the error we got for RASH that was displaying SKIN RASH with Concept_name_id 4897 in stead on concept_name_id 512 for RASH.
    • Comment from Ada: I see. I would be happy to explain this to the team.
  • Querying using mySQL-Petronillah, Susan
    • Comment from Ada: It would be great if you can include some specific examples what you want to query on
    • Comment from Petronillah: -E.g to query the number of patients who are on second line regimen ARV and are adults.
    • Comment from Susan: data retrieval/querying for data quality
    • Comment from Ada: Petronillah, I can certainly show you how to create a query for your example. I will give you a homework to define "second line ARV regimen" and "adults". :)
    • Comment from Ada: Susan, I can certainly show you some queries for data quality if you can give me examples of what kind of data quality checks you are interested.
  • OpenMRS back end knowledge
    • Comment from Ada: Provide a few examples what type of back end knowledge you are interested in.
  • Tips on how to contribute  to the community (OpenMRS) and gathering information on what is happening and how that affects form development at AMPATH - Boniface2
  • Creation of person attributes: Susan , Boniface1
  • How to assign and display attributes on the web application and in a form (x-form and InfoPath Form)-Petronillah, Boniface1
  • Tips in form critique - Boniface2
  • Tips in Form content design - Boniface2
  • Tips on paper form design and arrangements.As we consider coming up with a standard format. - Boniface1
  • Concept Dictionary management and what to check in case of Gold move or any other major system changes.- Boniface1,Patrick
  • Creation of user interfaces.
    • Comment from Ada: Please provide example what kind of user interface. An example is Web application User interface for capturing demographic data. Boniface3
  • Wiki management and tips

Proposed timeslots for initial group mentorship/training/demo

  • Proposed timeslot 1 -   Tuesday 2pm-3pm EAT.
  • Proposed timeslot 2

Proposed timeslots for individual mentorship

  • Boniface's proposed timeslot -  Tuesday afternoon ( 2.00pm - 3.00pm EAT)  Mondays
  • Petronillah's proposed timeslot- Friday afternoon ( 4Pm- 5Pm EAT)
  • Susan's proposed timeslot- Thursday afternoon (2pm-3pm EAT)
  • Patrick's proposed timeslot - Wednesday afternoon (2pm - 3pm EAT)
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