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FCT needs to work with different teams and report different issues/get supports.  This page is to document support contacts FCT members can report issues and get supports.  Please update them periodically.


List of Support Contacts/Process

NameURL/EmailPurposePrimary Contact
OpenMRS JIRAURL: fixes/features which require OMRS DevelopersOpenMRS Help Desk (
AMPATH JIRAURL: Fixes/features which require AMPATH Developers

Willa Mhawila (

AMPATH Support Helpdesk via RT



Non-programming issues/supports from AMPATH IT

Agustine Miencha (

Thomas Misoi (

Regenstrief IT SupportEmail: riisupp@regenstrief.orgNon-programming issues/supports from RG ITRG IT Support (
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