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The purpose of this wiki page is to share meeting notes taken during the weekly (Friday) FCT call. The meeting helps in sharing ideas, enhance efficiency, build confidence, and focus in handling AMPATH form development tasks. It is also a formal forum where clarifications with Requester and other Users are coordinated real time, between the Requester and  Users, Eldoret, and Indy Form and Concept Development Teams using a conference phone or free conferencing via skype. This helps clarify form development issues, critic and understand the different workflows.

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  1. Boniface: I think we should revise the format for the Form Development Meeting Minutes.  We should follow the convention for the date as yyyy-mm-dd.  Thanks!

  2. Boniface: We should also add some content to the top of this page to include info about the FCTeam Weekly Meeting as well.

  3. Hi guys , internet is down at AMPATH kindly bear  with us for our daily scrum today 20130429. kindly  update the scrum  google documents once internet is available. 

    1. Pole sana on the internet issue.