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Mobile health (mHealth) offers an enormous range of possibilities in expanding access to health care to undeserved and remote locations.   In 2007, AMPATH implemented an mHealth solution to support the Home-based Counseling and Testing (HCT) program.  This early project used PDAs to capture data collected by community health workers in remote locations.  In little time, the promise of using smart phones running Google's Android operating system has made it possible for clinicians and community health workers to access patient information in real time while in remote locations. Work is underway to provide this technology to support work in reproductive health, chronic disease management and to support primary health care.  Once deployed, AMPATH will push health care closer to the villages and homes of our clients. 

Please click here for a video demonstration of how mobile technology is being used by health care providers, and click here for the PDF of a paper written on Android technology in Home-based Counseling and Testing. To hear Dr. Martin Were talk about AMPATH clinical decision support systems, click here for a short video.


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