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Connector Module

The connector module have two separate pages to manage two separate things.

Manage Concept

The manage concept page is used to define concept for observation that will be transferred to the phone.

Manage Cohort Definition Property

The idea of the cohort definition property is similar to the idea of generating reminders for a patient. But using cohort definition, we're executing the reminders definition to a set of patient instead of single patient at a time. This approach should be more robust when compared to the logic approach (executing the reminder definition per patient).

In the case of the MCH program, we will use this property to send the preferred form to the correct patients. User of the module must define which patients will receive which forms using the cohort query page in the reporting UI. After we define the cohort definition (cohort query), we then go to the odk connector page and then define the form property for that cohort definition. When the community health worker download the patient data to their phone, the reporting framework will retrieve the actual cohort members and the odk connector module will pipe the patient ids along with the form id based on the cohort definition property.

The manage property page is used to define form information that will be transferred to the phone. The cohort definition will be executed by the reporting framework and every patient in the cohort generated by the reporting framework will receive the form id defined in the property. The property name is Each cohort definition can have more than one property.

The cohort definition are defined in using the reporting framework UI. In the case where the cohort definition is too complex for the UI, we can create a new cohort definition by writing the java class for that cohort definition.