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What is mUzima?

mUzima is an adaptable mobile phone and tablet platform with primary implementations in the Health space. The system currently works on an Android platform, with its use primarily targeting low resource settings.

Please see mUzimaUserAcceptanceFlow_20150129.pdf to see what mUzima is currently working (in black font) and what future enhancement/bugs (in red font).

mUzima Resources

MuzimaTrainingManualV1.0_20140130.pdf is available for download.

For tutorial videos on youtube:

For past calls and discussions, please see recordings on youtube (

Where can I test out mUzima?

You can log into our mUzima test server.


For Android Device:

  • Android Version on device: version 2.2 to 5.0
  • Download mUzima apk (muzima-android-20150226.apk) and install the apk in android mobile device
  • Launch the app and it will require you to go through the initial setup wizard
  • Input the following log in info:
  • Then, continue the steps
    • Select and download cohort(s) - try to download a small cohort as it might take a long time to download large cohort and its obs/encounters/demographics
    • Select and download Form Template(s) - it requires to download at least ONE registration form template.  If not, it won’t allow you to move to next step
    • Add Concepts – you can click next unless you want to add additional concepts and their obs
    • Barcode Scanner – you have options here to install barcode scanner from playstore or move to next


What if I want to set up my own mUzima Test Server?

You can set up your mUzima test server on your local machine.  Here are the resources you will need:


What if I am a developer and want to contribute?






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