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  • When there is a change on the mUzima form, how to make sure the latest form template is available on the server and it's available on the mobile device?
    • Step 1: Load the latest form through mUzima Form Module to the server to create updated form template
    • Step 2: Log into muzima app on mobile device
      • On landing page, tab on the blue Forms box.
      • Under All Form Templates page, tab on the form templates which need to get updated ones.  Once they are chosen, they should be in blue highlight.  Tab on the download icon.  This action will get the updates for the chosen form template(s) and sync to the mobile device.
      • Depending on the changes on latest form templates which just synced into mobile device, it might ask whether you want to download additional observations and encounters (for cases that the new form templates have new concepts).  Click Next to proceed.

      • It should bring back to the landing page (same as you first log into muzima app).

    • Step 3: You can proceed with testing/using the updated form templates for data collection.