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All the meta information about form is based on the form info on the openmrs side (version field from form table in openmrs).  Once mUzima form is created in mUzima Form Module, you can only see the form info/version info from openmrs side. 




During the form testing step, implementers/developers usually update the code for the form.  In current UI, you can only see the meta info from openmrs but not necessary see which one is uploaded.  It creates difficulty for usrs to report the issues as well as implementers/developers to work with users to triage form issues with particular version of the form".


Proposed Solutions

  • Improve the current UI to allow users to see the actual code of the form
  • Improve the current UI to include datetime stamp when muzima form was created in the server
  • Re-use Git's unique versioning ids/commit ids if the forms are being version controlled on Github

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