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What is the mUzima Technical Road Map?

The mUzima Technical Road Map is a set of milestones not only for the core mUzima platform, but also for core and sponsored modules as well as related tasks that help us meet the needs of our implementations.


mUzima Forms

First use case for mUzima is OpenMRS and first implementation for mUzima is AMPATH.  In order to be consistent to the concepts and forms workflow at AMPATH, the following are the steps for creating mUzima Forms.

  • Wiki page creation and documentation under AMPATH Form Bank
  • Fill out 2014 Internal Form Development Standard Operating Procedures v0.04 to have Form and Concept Team with the following:
    • concept/form content clarification,
    • concept mapping/creation,
    • schema design (for future reference)
    • make sure encounter type and form_id are available for mUzima form
  • Once the Form and Concept Team is done, programming request should be forwarded to the Developer Team.
  • UAT
  • Upload the form to mUzima Forms Module in AMPATH Form Server
  • Update of mUzima Forms will be available after GOLD is being moved to AMRS Production



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Upcoming Releases

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