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The AMPATH wiki is powered by wiki software called Confluence generously donated by Atlassian, an Australian-based company.  Confluence 3 provided a much-improved user interface and feature set.  Confluence 4 continued to add features, but made a big change in the editor.  Confluence 4 was released in late 2011.  AMPATH waited a year for the new editor to be widely used and its defects improved before adopting Confluence 4 in late 2012.

Changes in Confluence 4

  • The most significant change is the new editor.
  • Performance improvements
  • Social @mentions (type the "@" key while editing to name people & they will automatically be notified about your edits)
  • Find and replace while editing
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts
  • Page layout selector
  • If you like a page, click the "(thumbs up) Like"; the wiki will highlight popular pages for everyone
  • Easy task lists (  button in toolbar); start an entry with someone's name (@username) and the task will automatically be assigned to them
  • Mobile view for mobile devices

The New Editor

Wiki Markup Users

In most ways, the new editor in Confluence 4 is far more powerful and easier for new users to learn.  For example, images and attachments can be added to the page simply by dropping them into the editor.  You can even copy an image onto your clipboard and paste it into the editor.  The biggest challenge in the new editor is for people who have lots of experience using the editor in earlier versions of Confluence.  Prior to Confluence 4, there was a special markup language called "wiki markup" that defined all of the formatting and special content within pages.  Experienced wiki editors may have become dependent on having wiki markup around to troubleshoot complicated formatting or may have even gotten used to editing directly in wiki markup language.  Confluence 4 uses a completely new format for storing pages, so wiki markup no longer exists.  Not all is lost; however, since the new editor understands wiki markup and can make the transition easier by allowing experienced editors to still use familiar wiki markup syntax when editing pages.

Experienced users familiar with wiki markup should read this page: Confluence 4 Editor - What's Changed for Wiki Markup Users

Rich Text Editor Users

Anyone with experience editing wiki pages prior to Confluence 4 used the rich text editor (the wiki's default editor in earlier versions of Confluence).  While the basic behavior of the Confluence 4 editor will appear the same, there are still several significant enhancements available.

Any users familiar with editing pages in the wiki should read this page: Confluence 4 Editor - What's Changed for Users of the Old Rich Text Editor

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