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Merge Concept Module (MCM) is a module for OpenMRS that will aid in concept management by merging concepts and converting the obs table to reflect the change.  MCM started as a Google Summer of Code project (see documentation here), and now Thoughtworks is guiding a group of volunteers in development of MCM.  The AMPATH FCT is supporting the development of MCM by testing releases and providing the team with use-cases.



Testing documentation:

December 2014 release (omod file): mergeconcepts-1.0-SNAPSHOT (1).omod


July 2015 Update

Development on the Merge Concept Module continues through a collaboration between Thoughtworks the AMPATH Form and Concept team. Please contact Sara Armson for details. As of this update, the Dec-2014 release (omod file attached above) is the latest release, and the results latest testing of that release can be found here. The Dec-2014 release of Merge Concept Module can also be found on the Form Test Server.

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